WhatsApp for PC (windows 7/8/10 and Mac)

WhatsApp for PC

WhatsApp for PC Hi Everyone!!, We all have been using WhatsApp on our smartphones for a long time now, and it’s a very handy application for communicating with our friends, family and business colleagues in our daily life. We are as addicted to it now as we are with the Facebook and Twitter. Now we cannot take it out of our life. Some of us like to have, WhatsApp on our personal computers (PC) as well. As you know, there is no WhatsApp Version for PC developed to date. However, you can find the application like Viber, Instagram and many other on the web that you can use for communication and share on your PC.

Ss here the good news, in this article we will be guiding you on how you can use WhatsApp for PC.

It doesn’t matter what platform you are using either its Microsoft window or Macintosh (Mac) we have a solution for it. But before that we have to tell you some things about WhatsApp just for your information, Please scroll below to read the manual on installing WhatsApp on PC’s.

Features of WhatsApp for PC:

WhatsApp is a fantastic application, and through it, you can communicate in all possible electronic communication specters, i.e., You can text, you can have an audio chat or conversation. Also if you like, you can see the each other via video chat as it in Skype. You can send voice messages and wishes to you beloved peoples.

The second good thing that I like about WhatsApp PC is that you don’t need to add anyone like you have to in other social media application. The WhatsApp messenger will automatically sync with you contacts and let you know of other WhatsApp users. So you can start communicating straight away.

WhatsApp for PCAnother important thing about WhatsApp for PC is that it has currently over 800 million active users, and this is the vast network. So you just need the phone number, and you can communicate with anyone around the globe, and that free of charge J. Isn’t that great.

You can configure WhatsApp very quickly. You just have to download the Application for the Google play store, and it will send to and OTP to confirm you no, the rest is simple just put your OTP get started.

I think I have written enough to convince your folks to use WhatsApp for PC. So you can make your PC a communication Hub.

If you like to know how it will happen, please follow the guide below:

Guide to Install WhatsApp on PC:

Step 1: The installation is simple it will only need and emulator that will work on an Android or iPhone on your PC. Through this emulator, you can download an Android and iPhone application onto your PC. The list of the emulator and download links are provided, select one of them that suites your choice mine is a blue stack. Just remember the iPadian is only for Mac, and Bluestacks, Andy, and Youwave are for window platforms.

Download Links:

Download: BlueStacks Emulator.

Download: YouWave Emulator.

Download: Andy Emulator.

Download: IPadian

Step 2:  Once you have downloaded the Emulator you need to install it, and I hope you know how to install software on PC J. Just click on the downloaded file and the setup will start. Simple!

Step 3:  Once the emulator is installed open/Run it and you will find a marketplace with search option in it.

Step 4:  Search the WhatsApp as you do in the play store in your Android and iPhones. Or if not you can just download the WhatsApp.apk for the below-mentioned links.

   WhatsApp from Google play store |  WhatsApp for Android

Step 5:  Download and Install.

WhatsApp for PC

Now you can start using the WhatsApp PC. However, it will ask for your no and the OTP. Once will verify the phone no the OTP will be sent to you via text message. Use the OTP to configure the WhatsApp for PC and start having fun.This guide on WhatsApp on PC is for WhatsApp lovers who want WhatsApp on PC.

I hope the directions in the guide is enough for you, however, if you still feel any difficulty, please write us in comments, and we will resolve your problem ASAP. Also Stay Tuned for More Apps For PC guides on OnlineAppsForPC.com


  1. @jones. there are version of whatspp web but i think this methode is more relaible for using whatsapp on pc. bluestack is a good emulator for downloading and using whatsapp on pc. i am using it and many other application as well and they are working fine …..

  2. thanks hannah I have installed whatsapp on pc. its working fine i was wondering if i can use a separete no on the whatsapp for PC. ?
    help will be appreciated

    • Hi jones you can use separate no for Whatsapp on PC but the only thing that you need to do it to verify the no on whatsapp PC from the mobile. you needs whatsapp verification code to configure the whatsapp on pc. its simple as the whatsapp configuration on smart phones. thanks for visiting the article on whatsapp for pc. please visit out site there are many other interesting games and application other then whatsapp for pc.

  3. i never knw that i can use whatsapp on pc. this is really good now I can use whatsapp for pc and dont need to take out my mobile while working. thanks man

    • you are well come. i will say yes to you as I have always wished to have all my social application on one platform. i love to use whatsapp on window laptop. other then whatsapp for PC look for articels on snapchat for pc and instagram and many other as well.
      thanks for feed back on whatsapp for pc article. have fun and if you have any difficulty installing whatsapp on pc feel free to contact us.

    • Hi Derek first of all thanks for visiting the post on whatsapp for PC. secondly if you have gone through the post of using whatsapp on PC, it only provides procedure to install whatsapp on window or whatsapp on mac. I currently dont know whether its possible to use whatsapp on Linux platform. I hope that there might be any solution but my articles is describes how to install whatsapp on PC.
      use bluestack emulator for installing whatsapp on window. while ipadian is best for installing whatsapp for mac.
      sorry for not being of any help.

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