Whats is Remix OS for PC?

Remix OS
Remix OS

Introduction to Remix OS:

Smart phones has revolutionized the world of communication, it has also introduced the new aspects of gaming. If you are a gaming fan you can understand the importance of graphics and visuals in a game play.  Some people see small android and iPhone screens a drawback as per the gaming is concerned, and for the same reason peoples and companies have developed different emulator (App Players) like Bluestack and Andyroid, Youwave and Ipadian to resolve this issue.  The app player provide a buffer to install android and IPhone application on personal computers. Gamer love big screens but it’s a fact that without these emulators most of the android application or will say .apk extension files cannot be installed on windows or mac operating system.

Solutions like third party Emulator were working fine but company name “Jedi” came up a step further and introduced a virtual box or virtual flash drive based operating system based on Android 5.0. The introduced HDMI input based “Remix mini” drive. It can be used on almost every version of the PC as virtual android on the system. The company gain huge revenues with the product during last year.

Remix OS
Remix OS

Remix OS:

Remix OS is next and in my opinion a game changing step by Jedi. They have developed Remix operated system, you can get the free image of the OS from the company site and can be installed on flash drive or external hard drive easily. Remix OS is based on the project Android-x86, mobile platform Android version, adapted to run on ordinary PCs. The most important difference between the Remix OS and Android-x86 is the default application Remix OS does not occupy the entire screen . Instead, they are placed in separate windows that you can move , add or scale .

.It has a taskbar, desktop, and start menu, another amazing fact is that it allows you to run most Android apps in re sizable windows that you can position anywhere on the screen, making it easy to view multiple apps at the same time, you can play all the android game and can use all android apps in pc environment now.

If you want to use it permanent you can make a separate partition on your hard drive for Remix OS. its still in development stages, there are many things that need to be improved so the system can more user friendly and systematic. the google play store another application are not installed or in build. Procedure is separate and that sometimes make it difficult. However there are procedure to install these application on Remix OS.

Remix OS is emerging and improved product in quest for using the android on PC. But still it is challenged by the good app players like Bluestack and Andyroid. If the Remix OS team keeps the hard work on updating the OS who know it will be start a new era of android computing.

Important Note: As per Jedi the Remix OS is not for common user, the version is still under development, it has been launched in January 2016 and since then many bugs has been identified. the OS must be used by persons who don’t bother to see some bug while working or programmer and other advance users. Hope this concept will be furnished in near future.