How to install Application using Bluestacks on PC

How to install Application using Bluestacks on PC
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Limitations of Using Bluestacks

The app players has evolved with time. BlueStacks was based on Android 2.3, so some parts of the interface will be a bit out dated and a few apps may not work. It’s only available for Windows 8 or 10 systems, not Windows RT computers like the Microsoft Surface RT. However, BlueStacks is considering porting their solution to Windows RT in the future.

Running apps via BlueStacks won’t be as fast as running Android directly on a dedicated tablet, as BlueStacks has to provide an emulation layer. On PCs with weaker hardware, some games and apps may be unusable. BlueStacks touts their current solution as optimized for Microsoft’s Surface Pro.

While BlueStacks can run on older Windows systems and Macs, it makes the most sense on a Windows 8 system with a touch screen. Mouse clicks can be used in-place of touch events, but it’s just not the same. Some games and apps may even be unusable with a mouse if they require multi-touch.

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