Free Window Movie Maker for PC

Windows Movie Maker – is a corporate video editor tool developed by Microsoft, which was part of the standard “Application in the” Windows operating system until Vista.Despite the fact that the application is no longer supported, it has not lost popularity among users. In fact, the developers of the company by Bill Gates were able to create a truly easy-to-use video editor that is understandable like no other application for the ordinary computer user. Windows Movie Maker lets you in a few simple steps to create a full video with editing, adding screensavers, insert captions and subtitles, as well as all sorts of graphic effects. The editor does not require any codecs or indeed any third party software. If you have any difficulties in the course of working with the program, you can always turn to help. There you will find the answer to any question relating to Windows Movie Maker. Help is available in many languages.

The resulting video can be stored on your computer in WMV format or transferred to DV-camera using standard Windows tools. Unfortunately, this editor is intended exclusively for amateur work with video. Businesses are unlikely to find a functional Windows Movie Maker enough for everyday use. But with the problems this editor handles on a solid top five. Because it can be recommended to all who want a handy tool for creating simple videos with simple installation.

Key features and functions

  • It is extremely simple and intuitive;
  • It does not require the user to have any special knowledge or experience with video editors;
  • It allows you to create a simple movie with the addition of signatures, wallpapers and various graphic effects;
  • It includes detailed help in Russian;
  • It makes it possible to save the movie on your computer or transfer it to the memory of DV-camera;
  • no need to install any additional software;
  • distributed free of charge.

Why you should use it:

1. Easy to install
2. Easy to use
3. UnderstandsMany formats
4. There are a lot of settings and effects to video, control of the final video
5. There are compatible on almost any computer
6. Nice and Simple work

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