Final Fantasy XV Regained Its Development Costs Within a Day of Release

Final Fantasy XV

As DualShockers reports, Director Hajime Tabata revealed during a recent visit to the Business Division 2 development floor in Tokyo, that Final Fantasy XV managed to get back its costs within the first day of sales. The game became the fastest selling Final Fantasy title ever with over five million copies shipped, including digital downloads.

The game has sold very well since its release on November 29 of last year. As we reported, in January publisher Square Enix announced the game had already sold over 6 million units. It looks like, despite its costly and lengthy development period, Final Fantasy XV has been a big success for Square Enix.

The game may be released, but the adventure isn’t over. The first DLC expansion pack is set to be released on March 28 with the Episode Gladio expansion. Many more packages are set to be published over the coming years.