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Bloody Moon: Jason Strikes For PC Description:

Each summer camp has its own traditional horror stories, which are used to frighten new arrivals. These legends can be about anything – about vampires, werewolves, ghosts or about any other rubbish. The essence is always the same – the action of every terrible story invariably takes place in the very camp in which this story is told. Undoubtedly, this only increases the frightening effect. But what if some of these stories can be true? The heroes of this game, unfortunately, did not bother to ask themselves about this …

The action of the game unfolds, as you might guess, in a summer camp. This camp is also abandoned, which already adds dying light gloominess to the atmosphere of the game. So, back in the old days in this camp there was a legend about a ruthless killer who regularly visited the camp and organized bloody massacres there. Actually, the maniac became the reason for closing the camp. In addition, this terrible subject is not quite human. This is a supernatural demon who has complete immortality and immunity to any physical trauma. Stories about this maniacs bleed the blood to more than one generation of children in the camp. And then one friday , a company of young people, sent to the territory of the same camp in search of thrills. The guys are sure that the legend about the monstrous murderer is just an amusing invention, but how then it's cool to show off to friends that they visited such a legendary place and returned safe and sound. Alas, young people still have to regret their self-confidence …

So, the brave company is having fun around the fire, and suddenly something terrible happens. In front of the whole company, the guy who needed to be absent is being dragged away by some nightmarish man with burning eyes. The jason scarecrow appears out of nowhere and disappears just as quickly, leaving behind only the body of an unhappy young man, cut into cabbage. Guys realize the terrible truth – they just visited the same maniac, who appears in so many horror games and scary stories. From this it follows that, firstly, all the legends are true and, secondly, it will be very difficult now to leave the terrified young people frightened alive.

Next, you have a choice, which side to take – the company of brave men or a bloodthirsty hunter of people. If you choose protagonists, then your task is clear: to leave the scene alive. To do this, you can switch control from one team member to another, preventing the killer from deciding who he wants to kill first. Aids and weapons can also be used – a monster can not be destroyed, but it can still be put out of action for a minute or two by a sudden blow. The winning time should be used for a maximum of a second of confusion can cost you life. Find a way to get yourself and your friends out of the terrible jason camp!

The goal of the game for the maniac is also extremely simple – to track down and deal with each hero before they have time to escape from your lair. To catch up with everyone is not an easy task, but then teleportation becomes your trump card. And even a rich arsenal of cold weapons will give you the opportunity to decide which end is waiting for your victim. Show your hunting skills and do not let any of the protagonists go alive!

Realistic graphics, dynamic gameplay, the choice of the side, manual how to get away with a murderer , a frightening atmosphere – this game has everything to be exciting!

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Bloody Moon: Jason Strikes For PC Bloody Moon: Jason Strikes For PC Bloody Moon: Jason Strikes For PC Bloody Moon: Jason Strikes For PC

Guide to install Bloody Moon: Jason Strikes For PC

Bloody Moon: Jason Strikes can be installed on PC using the Bluestacks Emulator. You can read the guide on how to install Bloody Moon: Jason Strikes For PC using Bluestack emulator here;button

Similarly, you can install an Android OS on your PC to use Bloody Moon: Jason Strikes as you do on your smart phone. Learn what Remix OS is and how to install Remix OS on your PC herebutton

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