Best Android Emulators for PC ( Window, Mac and Linux)

Best Android Emulators for PC ( Window, Mac and Linux)
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It would seem, why to emulate the Android mobile operating system on the computer, if you are not a developer?. There are many reasons, and one of them is because, Android has a huge ecosystem of applications and games that have not been developed for PC, and are not seen on Windows, Linux or OS X. What should you do, if you want to play in the Clash of Clans on your computer or download high-quality photos in Instagram on the PC. Of course, it is necessary to start using emulators these days. You need emulator or App player on you PC because you want to play games on big screen want to communicate to your friends using your laptops. This article is about some top emulators for PC in Marker.

Bluestacks – all in one

Best Android emulators for computers

Bluestacks – one of the most popular and fastest growing Android emulator for Windows and OS X. With Update 2.0 emulator transformed – there was fresh, but sometimes overloaded interface, developers have improved to  Bluestacks position and its ability to run Android games and applications. Also they added some useful features.

Bluestacks is mostly compatible games and programs – so say the developers, and a library of software for the emulator is quite extensive. It should be noted that Bluestacks has an optimized internal directory of all games and applications, i.e., they will sure work on your computer. You can also install apps using the apk files from third party server, but whether the fact that, it will run or not, is not guaranteed. Some programs are built into the emulator does work almost like a “just picking from-the-box”, for example – Instagram. There are all characteristic and functions of the Android in this emulator: changing the screen orientation, imitation Shake, create screenshots, GPS emulation, easy to work with files – a drag and drop from Windows Explorer or the Finder OS X program, copy / paste, as well as volume control.

Between open applications and games, you can easily switch between tabs, in the browser. Among other it also supports gamepads. Download Bluestacks for Windows and OS X or on the official website of the emulator.

Also, you can find a Guide on how to install apps using blue stacks app player on our site.

Nox App Player – a comfortable and functional

Best Android emulators for computers

Nox App Player is a more minimalist, convenient and functional solution. Compared with the same Bluestacks in Nox no cumbersome menu with the recommendations of various synchronization with its account and other functionality that will be superfluous for most users. When you start Nox App Player usual Android operating table will appear to the user side panel where the button functions, like “Home”, “Back” and “Recent” will appear. The developers decided to remove the lower bar and control buttons to save space.

Immediately noticeable is one distinguishing feature – when you run applications that only work in portrait orientation, the emulator screen, and a window are adjusted. That is, there will be situations such as in Bluestacks, where portraits of the program occupy ¼ of the screen, and the rest of the space. In the settings you can adjust window size and orientation as well as performance, allocating CPU core and memory.

Best Android emulators for computers

Geeks in Nox App Player will appreciate the function obtain root access by switching the toggle switch in the settings. And here you can set custom keyboard shortcuts.  It could not even mention if the emulator has updated to first version of Android (video recording is available from 5.0), but, unfortunately, developers Nox is stuck at 4.4.2 KitKat.

Best Android emulators for computers

There are always some issues using NoxApp player such as many incorrectly displayed graphics. The emulator is more compatible with applications and works fine with them. For example, to create beautiful videos and screen shots without the top and bottom bars. Also, the emulator is integrated with Windows 10.

Genymotion – Developers

Best Android emulators for computers

Genymotion – emulator is designed specifically for developers of games and applications for Android, but it can also use by the common people. Unlike the previous two emulators, Genymotion is present on all three popular desktop platforms – Windows, OS X, and Linux.

Since Genymotion is an alternative to the built-in Android SDK emulator, then it is available with templates variety of Android devices – from the Nexus range of smartphones and tablets to some unknown state Versions. Emulator each unit has a set of relevant characteristics: size and screen resolution, processor and video chip, battery, GPS and support for cellular networks, as well as some others. When you run the application or the game in the emulator, it will provide a special panel to control all of these device parameters. For example, you can learn how program behave in the when GPS is turned off or the Internet. Also, the device parameters can be freely edited to test the application or game in various scenarios and different devices.

For ordinary users, who would like to play and take advantage of mobile applications on the computer, Genymotion not very good, but for geeks its completely good choice. You can Download Genymotion emulator for Windows, Linux and OS X on the official website of the project.

MEMU – for games

Best Android emulators for computers

MEmu is another emulator, focused mainly on mobile games. It provides a special layout of the keys on the keyboard to play the game and emulate gamepads. For example, you don’t need to click the screen to shake screen or perform any task; it provides keyboard buttons as an alternative to on-screen commands. Such features are often lacking in the Bluestacks, which is also good for playing mobile games on the PC platform. The rest of the MEmu is a standard emulator with a good set of features.

Right now MEmu is not updated with the most recent version of Android –  Lollipop or Marshmallow and it’s not particularly needed in emulators because most Android Application and Games are optimized for KitKat. Among the exciting extra features, MEmu includes: sending the application from your computer to your smartphone or tablet for quick installation, easy change of screen orientation, as well as the full-screen mode for games. The picture quality in the latter often leaves much to be desired, but still. Its shows good graphics with the massive games.

Best Android emulators for computers

MEmu is integrated with root access, and even has its catalog of games from the creators. You better not use it, because of it all in Chinese, and “purity” of distributed content is very doubtful – it is better to download the game from the Google Play other third party apk providers. Overall MEmu is neat and handy emulator without unnecessary and intrusive features. Download MEmu emulator for Windows, you can at the official website of the project.

Andy – a standard set

Best Android emulators for computers

Andy – a good emulator does not notably different from the same MEmu. In “Andy”  too, is not the newest version of Android – 4.4.2 but with a standard interface without any bells and whistles that more of an advantage than the disadvantage. Andy is not the best suited for games – many big titles just are not compatible with this emulator from Google Play. Of course, you can always get the APK, but then it will still cause the problem with the graphics. Sometimes Andy just crashes when running some games with powerful 3D-graphics.

With the majority of simple applications, emulator is stable. There are standard functions: change the screen orientation, GPS emulation, use a microphone and a web camera connected to your computer, full-screen mode. The rest of Andy does not stand out much, except for manual tuning function keyboard is used in games (the default races can conveniently be operated on the machine using arrow buttons). And there is support for a gamepad.

Also, Andy – one of the few emulators, where there are advertisements.  It is not very intrusive, but many users may be put off. In any case, the ram advertising icons labeled “Ad”. Download Andy emulator for Windows and OS X on the official website of the project.

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