3 Useful Types of Video Tools for Mac Users

3 Useful Types of Video Tools for Mac Users
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Many Mac users enjoy using their machine as a multimedia platform where they can watch and edit videos. That is more the case now, as it is easier than ever to record videos using smartphones and digital cameras then transfer them over to a Mac to watch or edit them.


Whether you intend to use your Mac as a platform for editing, or find yourself handling video files regularly – there are certain tools that you’ll need. In particular there are three distinct types of video tools that every Mac user should have:


  • Converters

As you can guess a converter is a software that will let you switch the format of your videos. It is useful so that you can ensure that your videos are compatible with your Mac, or with other devices that you may wish to use them on. Another common use of converters is to optimize video settings or compress video file sizes so that they can be stored or distributed more easily.


  • Recorders

While you may mostly record videos using other devices, having the ability to record them on your Mac can be useful too. In particular you will find recorders that you can use to capture video from your screen, or from your webcam and other external peripherals. Having a screen recorder is particularly useful, as it will mean that you can ‘save’ any content from your screen – whether it is an online streaming video, video call, livestream, or something else entirely.


  • Editors

Last but not least you should try to have at least one editor that you can use to tweak and improve your videos. It could be something basic that just lets you extract clips or trim your videos, or it may be something more advanced that lets you come up with professional-looking content. Although you may not want to produce content, having an editor will let you expand your options and more effectively handle videos by customizing them according to your needs.


Assuming you would like an advanced video editor that is easy to use, you should try Movavi Video Editor for Mac. Due to its intuitive design you won’t need any experience or special skills, and can quickly familiarize yourself with its features.


Make no mistake the features in Movavi Video Editor for Mac are potent and comprehensive, and will let you create impressive videos of your own. With its features you can combine and compile videos, remove any unwanted parts, enhance the video quality, add audio tracks, and fix any issues. On top of that you can also apply artistic filters, utilize special effects, add animated transitions, insert captions, and much more.


As you can see Movavi Video Editor’s features will give you the means to edit your video in a variety of different ways. Even if you haven’t edited videos in the past, once you try it out you’ll probably get a taste for it really quickly and find out just how useful it is to have an editor handy.

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