Puzzles for kids – professions For PC (Windows And Mac)

Puzzles for kids – professions For PC (Windows And Mac)
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Puzzles for kids - professions For PC (Windows And Mac)Description:

Learning to do puzzles with your pre-school child in our new app Puzzles for kids – professions is a lot of fun! With this free game, your children will learn to solve puzzle tasks, while improving a bunch of skills. In addition, the puzzled pictures will give the young player a lesson on some interesting occupations!


– Attention concentration skills and persistence;
– Problem solving skills and critical thinking;
– Cognitive skills: shape recognition and memory;
– Logical thinking;
– Visualization;
– Creativity;
– Fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.


➊ 18 Pictures To Choose From!
An assortment this large will keep the kids entertained for hours, while their grandma, older brother or papa will finally have a while for themselves. Let the smart child learn to make choices, it's fun!

➋ Three Difficulty Levels!
Each puzzled picture can be composed of 6, 8 or even 12 pieces. The bubble around one of the three stars is indicating the current difficulty level. Switch this bubble among the options in accordance with your child's age and puzzle solving skills!

➌ Variably Shaped Pieces!
Choose between the traditional jigsaw shape with tabs and blanks for full interlocking between the pieces on the one hand, and the line-style crooked shape without any knobs on the other hand. Trying different variants, the kid will be learning to cope with different types of puzzles, staying entertained and full of joy even longer.

➍ 18 Professions To Describe To Your Child!
Baby Puzzle: Professions is a playground that enables you to explain to your child the activities within 18 different professions, using the completed puzzles as illustrations. The exciting occupations presented in the app are: taxi driver, doctor, tamer of animals, circus clown, astronaut, musician, hairdresser, rocket pilot, chief cook, firefighter, police officer, postman, candy vendor, builder, scientist, teacher, farmer, and artist.


* Playing the free game Baby Puzzle: Professions, your child will never lose a piece and get upset over unfinished pictures. That's a merit of virtual toys!
* If the kid is trying to draw a piece to a wrong place, the puzzle will refuse to accept it, and the fragment will return to its initial position.
* Upon acceptance of a matching piece, the fragment of the picture will fill up with colors!
* Upon the clever child's victory over the puzzle, his reward will be a fully colored picture and an encouragement in the Spanish or English language.

Although doing puzzles is believed to be a solitary experience, papa, grandma or brother can become the child's playmate, trying to find the proper match or combination for the current piece by turn. The three difficulty levels make this free game suitable for kids of kindergarten and preschool age. The app requires the players to draw the items around, improving their fine motor skills, which is a crucial step in early child development. Mothers and grandmothers now have the opportunity to extend the game beyond the mobile device! Deliver a vaster education experience to the children by giving them a lesson on exciting professions, such as tamer of animals or candy vendor!

Source: Puzzles for kids – professions (Google Play)

Guide to install Puzzles for kids – professions For PC

Puzzles for kids – professions can be installed on PC using the Bluestacks Emulator. you can read the guide on how to install Puzzles for kids – professions For PC using Bluestack emulator here;button

Similarly you can install an android OS on your PC to use Puzzles for kids – professions as you do on your smart phone. Learn what is Remix OS and how to install Remix OS on your PC herebutton

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