Medieval Survival Sim 3D Full For PC (Windows And Mac)

Medieval Survival Sim 3D Full For PC (Windows And Mac)
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Medieval Survival Sim 3D Full For PC (Windows And Mac)Description:

Premium version of "Medieval Survival Simulator 3D" includes: huge number of start resources, advanced crafting system, unique treasures & weapons and NO ADS!

After barbarians’ horde attack you’ve been awaken on the ruins of castle. Your lord is dead, your friend was killed or captured by enemies, and there is no one to help. You should survive at this harsh and cruel world of Dark Medieval!
Explore the remains of fortress and forest behind full of dangers. Salvage resources – you can use them to made shelters, tools or even weapons. Hunt animals for food, but avoid predators – or become a hunt trophy yourself. Beware the bandits – they’re cruel and would kill you on sight. Keep your weapon alert and survive at all cost with Medieval Survival Simulator!
Restore your forsaken homeland – quarry resources to build a fortification wall and protect yourself from quadruped and bipedal beasts alike. Walk around this ruined land, find weapons and other survival tools, which could help you to stay alive! Unravel secrets of destroyed castle – you could find something very useful, or even something, that let you to rebuild castle in counted days!
Use all your exploration, battling and survival skills just to stay alive! Mind character indicators – health, energy and fullness. Never let one of these drops – it will let you no chance to survive! Find or craft special survival tools – weapons, axes, fishing rods or just sticks to make campfire and torches. Never go too far from your hideout after sunset – hungry predator can wait you over every tree or bush! Especially avoid of bandits’ raids – they know something about old count’s treasures and would torture you, or just kill as a rival. Fight for your life with wildlife and angry robbers with Medieval Survival Simulator 3D!
Yeah, old count – your lord and master – hide his treasures somewhere deep in castle’s dungeon. And, as you know, barbarians left that gold and jewelry untouched – these hellions don’t understand true value of things. So, even if you’re owe to survive at these grim and dark ruins, you can try to give yourself a better future – you can spend these money to rebuilt of fortress, after all. Try to rummage out all corners of castle’s lower levels and unravel all secrets and mysteries of this place! Find a treasure and become an aristocrat or just survive in ongoing battle with harsh environment, rogues and predator – do what you want with Medieval Survival Simulator 3D!
Medieval Survival Simulator 3D features:
Explore grim ruins of your previous home – large castle with fortress’s remains and vast forest, that wat hunting ground of your dead lord
Swim, hunt, battle and explore – do anything you want to stay alive
Various survival tools – hunt predators with an axe or go fishing using a fish rod
Keep your weapons alert – enemy could be anywhere!
Mind your health, energy and fullness indicators
Great survival simulator of cruel dark medieval in 3D
Dive into the atmosphere of grim darkness of our past! Raise up your fighting, hunting and survival skills to stay alive, find a treasure and restore your lost and forsaken homeland with Medieval Survival Simulator 3D!

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Guide to install Medieval Survival Sim 3D Full For PC

Medieval Survival Sim 3D Full can be installed on PC using the Bluestacks Emulator. you can read the guide on how to install Medieval Survival Sim 3D Full For PC using Bluestack emulator here;button

Similarly you can install an android OS on your PC to use Medieval Survival Sim 3D Full as you do on your smart phone. Learn what is Remix OS and how to install Remix OS on your PC herebutton

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