Animals farm for kids For PC (Windows And Mac)

Animals farm for kids For PC (Windows And Mac)
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Animals farm for kids For PC (Windows And Mac)Description:

Grow plants and vegetables, plow and sow your patches of land. This app is a great game for kids, as it allows the young players to spend a joyful and exciting while in company of their favorite pets.

Main Advantages of the Game “Animals farm for kids”

Even a virtual ranch trip is an excellent idea for those parents who wish to get their young kids acquainted with the world around. With this game, mothers and grannies, fathers and grandfathers will be able to teach their child about the wonderful animals that live on the farm. While playing this exciting and engrossing game, the family can accomplish interesting and educational tasks, enjoying the communication with the funny pets. Dogs and cows, horses and pigs, rabbits and poultry will gladly tell you about their daily routine and show you around the farm.

Play with the dog who is trained not only to bring you a bone or a ball, but also to guard the growing harvest. He will boldly scare off the cunning rabbits and find the bones hidden at the meadow. The beautiful horse also needs your attention and care. The poor creature is hungry and waiting for the kid to feed her with the delicious hay. Be quick and drag a stack of dried grass that was left from the previous harvest, so that the main “busy bee” of the farm is fed. As soon as the horse is at her best again, be sure to shoe her – and then you may go for a walk across the meadow together. These animals are your irreplaceable helpers during the sowing. The horse can plow the patches quickly, so that you gather a good harvest later.

Finally, it's the turn of the piebald cow. She has long been waiting in the barn for the toddler and his family to feed her with delicious vegetables and crispy buns. Don't forget to give the animal a glass of water, as it's high summer and your pet is really thirsty. As soon as the cow is fed, you can milk her and go to the meadow together. Water the plants, so that your pet cow can have fresh grass for lunch. She will surely appreciate the taste of strawberries and chamomiles, which have just broken into bloom in the meadow.

Now it's the turn of the cute pink pigs. The piglets are very hungry; they wait for you to feed them with porridge and vegetables. As soon as the piggies are full, they will rush to the nearest puddle and splash to their hearts' content. Don't let the pigs get dirty! To avoid the muddy splashing, fill up the puddles with sand in time. If some of the pets have managed to smudge themselves, you should wash them in the washbasin that stands in the field. After you take care of the piggies, you will see another family of animals in the field. It consists of several hens and a rooster, who likes to walk around the meadow haughtily. Scatter some millet and grits, so that the birds eat to satiety – for only a well-fed hen is able to lay a couple eggs. Go to the chicken house, which will offer a new task for kids. Boys and girls will have to gather a dozen of chicken eggs into a wicker basket. Be sure to place the container beneath the hens to avoid losing the precious product. After that, send your chickens to the field, where they can eat some fresh plants.

Congratulations! All the ranch pets have been fed, and your toddler has had a great time. He or she has learned how the dog prevents the rabbits from stealing the carrots, and what the cow likes to have for breakfast. Designed for kids of the pre-school age, the game has taught the toddler to take good care of piggies and frisky horses, giving the parents a helping hand in development of the child.

Source: Animals farm for kids (Google Play)

Guide to install Animals farm for kids For PC

Animals farm for kids can be installed on PC using the Bluestacks Emulator. you can read the guide on how to install Animals farm for kids For PC using Bluestack emulator here;button

Similarly you can install an android OS on your PC to use Animals farm for kids as you do on your smart phone. Learn what is Remix OS and how to install Remix OS on your PC herebutton

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